There we go!!! New layout, I hope it was better than the previous one =.=" I still don't get it why nobody liked the previous one -_- it was plain and simple which is good I think haha. Why is there a girl/angel there I don't know. but a good friend JaQ went to all the trouble to create this pic for me so Thank You! Then Banana went and finished the layout for me ,Thank You! People like me is just useless in this kind of thing hehe.
I guess that girl/angel symbolises Krystal, my first love whom I met a year ago, where I first fell in love with the guitar and she has brought me this far playin with her side by side. So i deticate this to you Krystal my first love! altough we're gonna break up in a few months time =(

Other than that I've been exercising trying to lose weight. How? walking around the malls shopping HAHA. Believe me it helps and I think i've lost 2kgs in 2 days walking around the mall shopping =P

Gonna go off to thailand tomorrow kub, for missions and I can't wait! It's definately gonna be awesome! =)
HAHAHAHA looks like everyone hates the new layout XP fine fine I'll change it soon when I (or my friend) gets the time. Christmas wasn't that great as usual, as always I'll be stuck at home in a kampong in the middle of nowhere.

Got a tag from Banana so I guess I have to do this

Tagging rules;
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each Blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names
.4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and read your blog.

Eight random facts/habits about me~ (I could have sworn I've done this before though)
1 .COFFEEE!!!!! I drink Coffee and I'll really get high. and i mean HIGH! HYPER!! love good quality coffees

2. If I dont get enough sleep I'll be in a bad mood, and cranky.

3. im not good with my hearing.

4. Lame Jokes are cool and funny

5. Have a feminine side, 'I like to buff my nails and make it shiny, I love soft toys, and I find it weird that people thinks that its weird that I have a hairdryer?? (and no im not gay)

6. I want to bring smile to my friends, and that they will experience what I have experienced through Him.

7. I rather stay at home and chill than going out, but if its the beach? Hey I'm in!

8. Music and FOOOODDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Now to tag the following people:
1. Tingaling
2. Mr Chua =P
3. Law
4. Potato
5. Lyn
6. Lulu
7. Jana
8. Steph Liew
So I've just reached KL (12.30am) , and I'm at the airport now till my next flight which is 7am. If only the flight wasn't delayed I could've rushed to the hotel and slept there. So Here I am in Coffe Bean using free internet and I have no idea what to do now, probably start playin games on my laptop yea haha.

Oh yeah new blogskin, cos its' Christmas and I think it's fitting to change the skin, I know its plain but I like it and I'm gonna stick with this forawhile till I find another good one or that my friend make me one *hint* ;) haha.

KL= Shopping
Penang= FOOD!! EAT EAT
and I can't wait to find my new gf in a few days woot!

31st December= Thailand Mission Trip

And a Very Merry Christmas to y'all hohoho.

- Goes and play game -
My friend called me up just one day before to ask if I could play for his team. In case you all dont know there's a basketball tournament in Batu Bersurat and I'm part of the team , check the chinese newspaper tomorrow or the day after, my pic and the team will be there =)

Okay, so its been ages since I've last played, I used to love Basketball and Played it like crazy at least 3 hours a day. Truth is ever since I've gone to Aus I've stopped playin basketball and even Karate. Anywayyyyy we lost badly 40+ to 100+ HAHAHA. Now I understand why my friend asked me to play because the team had kids who were born in the 90's and very inexperienced. There was even one cocky kid who think his so good, and got to the point I know he disresepcted me as a player. ish.welcome to the basketball world where everyone thinks they're so great and to the point where they disrespect you .... why am I always in an unorganised last minute formed team, from the time I was in JIS until now... I dont like it at all. Blah its just me blabbering about basketball again.

I'm a bit pissed at myself for not exercising, it wasn't until today I woke up and did jogging and played basketball at 3pm and the game was at 8.30pm. Wasn't enough to get my stamina back.
Frustrated- at being lazy and not exercising, lesson learnt, get my fat arse and exercise!!! Oh and I remember writing a whole long page about my basketball journey in my very very first post in the archives section... memories -_-

*runs out and plays guitar alone*

Other than that went to the mall and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with Banana few days ago. Very very funny!! I love the songs and their cute sounds!! haha. A movie worth watching for this christmas season =) After that just tagged along with Banana shopping and helping her carry stuffs haha. Haven't shoped like that for awhile already but it was fun heh.
We visited the old folks home on Thursday and made handicrafts for them , we had cards and did whatever creative thing we could do

I made the cubes =)

The girls got creative and made a snowman out of tissue

and mine and tingalings attempt to make a gingerbread man ROFL

Shopping time!!!!

Wednesday we decided to go caroling and bless some families with Food aka. 'Pimp My Fridge' And lastly Thursday Old Folks home, it was a wonderufl experience going and talking to them, definately gonna go do it again

Ever since I got back I've been going to the 'Rainforest' almost every night to hear the 'colorful' noise ,sien ah go there everynight -_- truth to be told I'm not a person who likes to go out much, I just like to stay at home and chill. So I decided to stay at home and guess what? I did something productive!!!

I Cooked! (finally) for the family for lunch. cos my maid went back home so I took up the responsibility to cook and I made lunch for the family woot!. Wanted to make Chilli and Basil Chicken but turns out that after going the whole of Brunei I couldnt find any Basil leaves T.T So I had to improvise and in the end my mum went "Very good! So any other new recipe to cook?" haha. Seems like everyone is asking me to cook for them =.=" Im NOT a Good cook okay. luan luan lai ba. To be Honest I wasn't looking forward to cooking for my family, lost the passion for it already but who knows cooking with a WOK is so much fun! In Aus I have to suffer by cooking on electric stoves *cries* maybe I should have a day where I just cook and invite ppl to come my house just to EAT EAT EAT =)

watch out people WoKsTaR is back!

p.s- Is something wrong with my body or the food, everymorning have to make chocolate cake, and stomach pain. I think my immune system down =.=
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